Recent events

Diverse Bananas, Global Dragons conference 2014

  • Date: 30 May - 1 June 2014
  • Venue: The University of Auckland Business School; 12 Grafton Road; Auckland

"This conference provided an opportunity to share thoughts and reflections on the impact Chinese are making in New Zealand and globally ... as it is these stories that create a rich tapestry in a global world where communities are complex and wonderfully varied" (Virginia Chong, National President NZCA).

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Massey University and Westpac present The New New Zealand Forum

The New Global Order: When China Rules the World and What it Means for New Zealand

  • Date: 16 October 2013
  • Venue: Level 9, Westpac HQ, Britomart, Auckland
  • Time: 2.00 (followed by networking drinks from 5:30-7:30)

Martin Jacques’, author of “When China Rules the World” made the keynote address at this international event, outlining his thinking on the new global order and what impact that will have on New Zealand. As the world becomes more Chinese and less Western, we will see a fundamental transformation during the course of this century – Dr Jacques discussed why New Zealand must be a part of this profound change.

Dr Jacques was joined by a panel of expert speakers who shared their views, and challenged thinking about New Zealand’s current approach to East Asia. Panelists included Haylon Smith, Tony Everitt, Karen Silk, Jeff Johnstone and Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley of NTOM, Massey University. 

For more infomation, please contact Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley

Massey University lecture series: Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley

What does it mean to be an Aucklander? Cultural diversity and citizenship in the 21st Century

  • Date: 7 August 2013
  • Venue: Massey University’s Sir Neil Waters Lecture Theatres, Albany, Auckland
  • Time: 6.00pm-8.00pm

Auckland’s demographic and cultural mix has changed dramatically in recent decades. The city is now one of the most immigrant-dependent in the world with 56 per cent of residents either immigrants, or the children of immigrants. This lecture explored these changes and the implications for everything, from our food habits and sports to identity and language, and asked: do we need to rethink what it means to be an Aucklander or New Zealander in the 21st Century?

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The 2012 Pathways to Metropolis in the 21st Century: Immigration Issues and Futures Conference

24—26 October 2012

Massey University, Auckland

For the last 10 years, the New Settlers/Integration of Immigrants Programme research team have helped organise a conference on immigration issues.  This has always been held in Wellington as a key audience were government departments. In 2012, this was changed and the event was held at Massey University, Albany, Auckland. The conference was sponsored by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and the Auckland Council (Research, Investigation and Monitoring Unit) and was also organised as an AKE Hub activity in association with the International Metropolis Project.

The event was attended by over 350 people. Of these, 17 were from North America, 23 were from Australia, 13 were from Europe, 17 were from the Pacific and 19 were from Asia. In terms of New Zealand based attendees, 63 were from Wellington and another 23 were from other parts of New Zealand. It was particularly pleasing to know that two-thirds (238) were from community service and NGO organisations or government departments, underlining the applied/engaged appeal of the conference and the issues. Very positive comments were made about the presence of some globally eminent researchers and the interaction between local research and policy communities, including by the Minister of Immigration, Hon Nathan Guy who opened the event.  

The plenaries involved a stellar group of international and local speakers: Highlights can be viewed on the Pathways Conference website. The 2012 Pathways to Metropolis in the 21st Century conference programme is also available as a PDF.

The 2011 Pathways, Circuits and Crossroads Conference

12—13 December 2011

City Gallery, Civic Square, Wellington

The annual meeting of several research programmes dealing with processes and policies of relevance to New Zealand's international migration system was held on 12 and 13 December, 2011 at the Adam Auditorium in City Gallery, Civic Square, Wellington.

The 2011 meeting was organised by Massey University and the University of Waikato's Integration of Immigrants Programme in collaboration with the New Zealand Department of Labour.

Download Event Programme pdf

For more information, please contact Trudie Cainfrom the Nga Tangata Oho Mairangi research project.

Economic Impacts of Immigration and Population Diversity

11—13 April 2012

University of Waikato

About 60 researchers and policy analysts from around the world met at the University of Waikato on April 11 to 13 to discuss economic impacts of immigration and population diversity. The workshop was hosted by Waikato's National Institute for Demographic and Economic Analysis (NIDEA), together with its Wellington partner Motu Economic and Public Policy Research. The Integration of Immigrants Programme (IIP) was a key sponsor of this event.

For more information, please contact Professor Jacques Poot from the Nga Tangata Oho Mairangi research project.